3 Reasons to Be Optimistic About 2022

Maybe I’m just a contrarian, but I’m not buying into the doom and gloom.

1. The Economy. Downturns always have upsides. The market is never all bad or all good. Instead, winners and losers often trade places. Action Step: Hedge your bets by creating a product or service that would actually be more attractive to customers in a down economy than in an up economy.

2. Tiktok. I know, it seems like we've entered a new era of cringe with the popularity of this platform. (Besides, what exactly are the Chinese doing with all that data?) What I do like about this platform is that it’s a competitor to Facebook and Google. This could help to stabilize ad costs, which is fantastic. Action Step: If you sell to an older clientele, cash in on Facebook advertising while your competitors spend their money “learning” TikTok.

3. Amazon. People prefer to do business with people they know, like, and trust. While Amazon has wrecked many smaller companies and continues its quest for world domination, it’s also created a vacuum for authentic buying experiences. If you will build a genuine connection with your customers, they will gladly support your business. Action Step: Stop hiding behind faceless marketing campaigns, and let your personality shine through your marketing.

To Your Success! Craig Miller

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