3 Steps to Creating a Profitable Facebook Ad

3 Steps to Creating a Profitable Facebook Ad

1. Make me an offer I can’t refuse. Step one is to create a compelling offer. This is the foundation of a successful ad campaign. It’s not just about having a product or service people want, it’s about making an offer that gives people a reason to take action immediately. This does not always need to be a discount!

2. Show me something interesting. Find a thumb-stopping image or video. If you can’t get people to give you their time, you can’t sell them anything. Test different photos and videos until you find something that gets people to pause while scrolling through their feed.

3. Just “text” me. Start with wording that clearly and simply lays out what you’re offering. You can test more creative wording later. There are three places you can use text in your ad:

Primary text (above your photo) Headline (bold text by the button) Description (smaller text below the headline)

Start simply, get some traffic, and then test, test, test!

To your success! Craig Miller Story Pro

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