A Radically Different Way to Think About Your Social Media

Here’s a radically different way to think about your social media. You need to think about your posts as if they’re a product.

If you were an early adopter of Facebook’s business pages, you’re really fed up with the lack of reach that your posts now have. You worked hard to get 10,000 people who follow your page, but now only 500 people see any given post. You’re bitter about the pay-to-play nature of established social media.

On the other hand, if you have a consumer brand on TikTok right now, you might think paid traffic is for dummies who just want to waste money. Why spend money on ads when you can just do some creative editing?

So what’s the solution. Just keep hopping to the latest platform, and run it hard until organic reach dies?

Try a mental shift instead. You need to think about your social media posts as if they’re a product. When selling a product, what are the questions you ask?

Is this a product my market wants? How big is the market? Where does my market shop?

Personally, I had basically sworn off organic Facebook content. The reach just wasn’t proportional to the effort of producing great content, whereas the paid ads were still very effective.

Then I got into selling an ecommerce product to women in their 50s and beyond, who live all over the U.S. The organic reach of this brand is phenomenal. It's not unusual for the reach of our organic posts to exceed the total number of page followers.


What’s going on here? Let’s go back to those “product” questions.


s this a product my customer wants?

Yes. We focus a lot on creating a personal connection between the business owners and their customers. People on Facebook are there because they crave connection.

How big is the market?

Big. There are lots of older men and women on Facebook.

Where does my market shop?

Here’s the little gem you don’t want to miss: Most of our customers come from Facebook ads. We use the same platform where we acquired the customer (paid traffic) to continue to build the relationship and drive repeat sales (organic traffic). And when you’re in ecommerce, repeat sales are gold.

Think of your Facebook posts like you would one of your products. It will help you decide whether you should “manufacture” more or less of your social media content.

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