Don't Give Up

I’m amazed at the power of persistence, especially when it comes to marketing. I’m not talking about throwing money into a black hole year over year with no results.

But like any investment, there’s often a period between when your company first adopts a marketing strategy, and when it begins to really pay off.

In the book, The 4 Disciplines of Execution, the authors highlight the difference between lead measures and lag measures. The money you spend on an ad campaign is a lead measure. Making a sale is a lag measure.

To be successful at most anything, including ad campaigns, you need to be smart with your inputs (lead measures) and patient with your outputs (lag measures).

The key is to not abandon your input prematurely. A Kansas wheat farmer plants the seed in the fall, and then continues to take care of that seed with fertilizer and fungicide. He doesn’t plow up the entire field at Christmas, complaining about his field being a money pit.

So when you’ve created a smart strategy, and you’re starting to see some results, stick with the marketing plan. Abundant harvests come for people (and companies!) who patiently tend their crops.

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