If You Build It, Will They Come?

If you build it, they will come.

Unless we’re talking about that new website you just finished.

There are more than 1,880,000,000 websites already in existence, so the chances of someone just stumbling across your website are minuscule. The chances of having enough traffic to create a steady stream of customers are even smaller.

But there’s a solution!

Instead of sitting back and hoping that your website will find favor in Google eyes, magically rising to the top of the first page, you can SEND people to your website.

First of all, let's just get rid of the free lunch concept. For any kind of substantial volume, you are going to pay for it–either in time or money.

Method 1: Curry Google’s Favor

The bottom line with this method is that your website needs to be extremely helpful. You need content that is so good it’s magnetic. If you love writing, or if you love creating videos, this could be a great way to go. Just be prepared to stick with it for the long haul. This method rarely creates overnight success. There are plenty of technical tips and tricks when it comes to SEO, but none of them work unless you create a website that is genuinely interesting and helpful to your prospects.

Method 2: Build a Social Media Audience and Push Them To Your Website

This one varies dramatically by the type of business, and by how comfortable you are on social media. If you have a fascinating brand that targets consumers, this can be a great way to go. If you have an obscure or “boring” service like selling tax consulting to businesses, building a social media audience could be one of the most frustrating endeavors of your life.

Method 3: Buy Traffic

I love this one. Yes it costs money, but the potential to scale a great business rapidly is phenomenal. I have one client who was willing to invest heavily in paid traffic. In July we had a baseline of 218 visits to one of their websites. By January we reached 29,856 visits. The vast majority of that traffic was paid advertising. Their business has grown by 12X in 9 months.

There are a whole host of platforms to choose from, but Google and Facebook are still the reigning champions of paid advertising. Keep in mind that Google Ads are not limited to search ads, but include display ads (pictures) and Youtube ads. TikTok is rising, but it still has a lot of marketers scratching their heads.

Hope this was helpful. The bottom line is that there are plenty of ways to drive traffic to your site. You just need to find the one that fits your business.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions about specific ad platforms.

To Your Success!

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