If You See A Fork: 2 Paths to Business Transformation

If you’re not happy with your company, there are two different paths you can take to transformation.

1. Incremental Change 2. Massive Change

Take marketing for instance. Those in favor of incremental change point out that if you improve everything in your marketing funnel by 1%, you can realize an immediate 10% improvement by slightly improving 10 different parts of your funnel.

These people also love the idea of compounding gains. If your marketing efficiency improves by 10%, it improves your profitability, which allows you to increase your marketing budget, which then allows you to create more profits.

It’s a virtuous flywheel of compounding interest! (See how I jammed those three metaphors together?)

In their minds, business is like an index fund: Small gains, efficiency, and patience are the keys to success. As one of my cousins was fond of saying, “Little things mean a lot.”

This is a legitimate approach, but it's certainly not the only approach. Stay tuned for part two where we’ll explore “Massive Change”.

Craig Miller

Story Pro

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