The #1 Reason Marketing Messages Fail

Some people call it the curse of knowledge. It's knowing the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of your business so well that you struggle to communicate with your prospects. Watch out for these two signs: Insider knowledge and seller’s perspective.

Insider knowledge is the easier of the two to spot, but it’s still far too easy to slip into. Using industry jargon, and launching into discussions on technical points are sure signs you’ve forgotten what other people don’t know.

For instance, I could tell you that LTV is a much better metric for determining your target CPA than NC-ROAS–but that'll make your eyes glaze over if you’re not already immersed in the world of online advertising.

One of the best remedies for this is to get out from behind your keyboard and engage in real life conversations with potential customers. It helps you dumb down your language and stick to the basics.

Sellers perspective is far more insidious. Put simply, it’s becoming so immersed in your own motives and challenges as the seller that you forget what’s motivating your prospects in the first place.

Buyers have pain points and aspirations that may have very little to do with yours.

For instance as a pool installer, you’re concerned with things like which pools are most profitable to install, which cities are easiest for permitting, and how difficult the backyard is to access with equipment.

In contrast, your customers are thinking about which kind of pool will impress their friends, whether they can trust you with $50k of their hard earned money, and how they’ll keep their two-year-old grandkid safe.

It’s not that your interests as the seller aren’t valid, it's just that they’re irrelevant when it comes to crafting a marketing message. For your marketing message to connect, it has to be clear and relevant.

Say no to industry jargon, and say yes to focusing on your customer’s needs.

To Your Success! Craig Miller Story Pro

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