Which is better? Google or Facebook ads?

Which is better? Google or Facebook ads?

Google search ads and Facebook ads bring customers into your business very differently.

Google Ads are all about showing up for people who are actively searching for your solution–what we call ‘intent based’ advertising. It's for people who know they have a problem, and in most cases already have a good idea of what the solution is for that problem.

For instance, my toilet just flooded my bathroom, so I’m searching Google for a plumber.

Facebook ads just show up in people’s feeds–it’s what we call ‘interruption based’ advertising. They’re not looking for a solution to a problem, they’re just goofing off and then POW! your ad shows up in their feed. It’s like a billboard when you’re driving down the freeway, albeit one that knows a lot about you.

For instance, I’m killing time on my lunch break, and then an ad shows up for a new and improved lunch box. I may not even have realized how inferior my current lunch box is (the problem) until I saw this cool new lunch box in the ad (the solution).

The answer to whether Google or Facebook ads are better for your company depends on the type of product or service you sell.

Google search ads are great when people are very familiar with your kind of service, and are simply looking for a company who can provide it.

Facebook is great when you’re trying to introduce your product or service to people who aren’t actively searching for it.

If you’d like to learn more about which platform is right for your company, call Story Pro at 817-760-1503.

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