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Does this describe you?

  • Is it hard to explain your product or service just using words?


  • Are you looking for a way to future-proof your brand from competitive threats?


  • Do you wish for a more effective way to share your customers' stories?

The Best Content Wins

Its stunning to see the incredible empire that Chip and Joanna Gaines built through their TV show, Fixer Upper.

Perhaps more astonishing is how few companies are emulating their strategy.

Now with Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, regardless of your industry, you can create an audience and build your brand by producing quality content.

You may be thinking, "My company isn't interesting enough to be a TV show."


If you have people, you have stories. And stories are the currency of attention.

Besides, you don't have to produce a full blown TV show to get a competitive advantage.

Start with a YouTube channel and a series of 5 minute videos.


Next, run some ads to get your content in front of your prospects.

Yes, your company really can do this.

Let's start telling your story, and building your empire.

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It's Time to Grow Your Company
Business has lots of stressful challenges.
Figuring out how to grow your brand with video doesn't have to be one of them.
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What I'm Up To Now

Craig Miller is the founder and Chief Storyteller at Story Pro, a Cleburne, Texas based video production and content marketing company.

So without all the corporate jargon, what does Story Pro actually do?

Video production remains our specialty. However, we also offer a range of content related services to help you get your story in front of prospective customers, including copy-writing, graphic design, and photography.

For clients who need to get more eyeballs onto their videos, I also offer Google Ads and Social Media Advertising management.

Its crazy to me that more "regular" companies aren't taking content seriously, especially companies that serve consumers.

My pet project has been producing a mini TV show, Downtown Heroes, featuring the courageous entrepreneurs in downtown Cleburne who are making it happen.

I believe that generosity is smart business, and creating entertaining, inspiring, and insightful content is one of the most generous (yet profitable) gifts that a modern company can give.

And usually, that kind of content uses the mechanics of great storytelling to succeed.

Thanks for stopping by the website. Give me a call directly at 817-760-1503, or message me via the Story Pro Facebook page.

To Your Success!

Craig Miller, Founder

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