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How Contractors Can Show Up On Google

One way for your construction company to get found on Google is through your Google Business Listing (GBL).

I’m going to assume you know what a GBL is, and dive right into how Google decides who shows up at the top of the map results.

Google says that the GBL ranking is based on three things: Relevance, distance, and prominence.

Relevance: How well does your business seem to match the intent of the person searching.

Distance: How close is the location of your business to the person searching.

Prominence: How well known is your business compared to other businesses like it.

Some of the above you can control, some of it you cannot. Here are a few quick tips on how to get your business ranking higher.

Reviews This is probably the most important element, and also something you can directly influence. Google wants to give recommendations that people like. A GBL with lots of good reviews makes it safer for Google to essentially “recommend” your business to people who are searching for your service.

Accurate Information This is drop dead simple. Make sure that your phone number, your location, and your hours are all accurate. It's also a great idea to make sure that you’ve selected the services that you offer. You don’t want to show up as a fencing contractor when you’re actually a flooring installer.

Content Add some great photos of completed projects, as well as shots of you and your staff. Keep it up to date, just like you (hopefully!) do with your website. It’s also a great idea to post some articles that talk about the construction services you provide. For example, this article right here will be posted on Story Pro’s GBL.

A good Google Business Listing profile is one of our 7 Pillars of Contractor Marketing. If you need help getting yours in tip top shape, get in touch at

To your success! Craig Miller Story Pro

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