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Use the 7 Pillars of Construction Marketing to Grow Your Company

I remember hearing that in one roofer’s opinion, Facebook is pretty much worthless; SEO is where it's at. Another roofer said Facebook was the mainstay of their lead generation.

So who’s right? Having marketed for contractors over the last 4 years, I have a different take.

There’s something special that happens when your business is “everywhere.”

Here’s the short version of the concept: A multi-channel approach is easier and more potent.

The reason for this is that no one platform has to carry the entire weight of your lead generation needs.

Think about a new one-ton diesel truck with 475 hp.

Each of the cylinders in that truck makes less horsepower than a smart car. But working together, they make enough power to pull an entire string of smart cars.

When your Google Ads, your Facebook ads, and your organic content are all working together, it's a force multiplier.

If someone visits your site from a Google Ad, you can show that same person your ads on Facebook if they’re not quite ready to purchase yet.

If your Facebook ads have a down month, you're not in a panic because your Google Ads can help pick up the slack.

So not only do you have a more powerful marketing engine, but you also have more consistent lead flow.

I call it the Seven Pillars of Construction Marketing. Increase your cylinders, multiply your power.

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