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How Video Can Supercharge Your Sales as a Local Contractor

Updated: May 22, 2023

If you’re a residential contractor, video is one of the smartest marketing investments you can make.

Here’s why:

To make a large ticket sale to a homeowner, you need to create trust. A great video helps develop trust in two important ways.

Video Creates Clarity

It brings clarity to the project by showing the construction process.

You know your process inside and out, but the homeowner may have trouble visualizing the process.

They may feel like they’re driving down a strange road at night without lights.

By de-mystifying the process as well as the end result, you can “turn on the lights” for your customer, allowing them to feel more confident and ready to purchase.

Video Builds Connection

Video helps create a human connection between you and your customers. You’re already really good at connecting with people in person.

A video lets you start to build that connection before they pick up the phone for the first time to call you.

It’s like a salesperson that lives on your website, building relationships for you day in and day out, turning warm leads into hot leads.

You know the difference between a referral and a generic lead off the internet: Trust.

A great video can take those internet leads and upgrade them to referral-quality prospects.

To your success! Craig Miller Story Pro Construction Marketing

P.S. This video “salesman” also reduces your time to make a sale, because customers already understand what you’re offering.

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