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The Best Marketing a Contractor Could Possibly Do

The best marketing you could possibly do is… the marketing that actually gets done. Look, I could preach all day about the benefits of pre-launch testing, tailoring offers to funnel stages, choosing the right ad platform, and on and on.

But none of it matters if it doesn’t get implemented. So, how do you choose a strategy that will actually get implemented?

Here are a few guidelines:

Keep it simple. Simple things are much easier to get done – whether it’s you, or someone on your team. Make a clear distinction between setup and maintenance. Set aside a dedicated time block for setup. Don’t try to gradually build a major campaign over time. Make your campaign maintenance sustainable. Yes you “should” create five videos per week; but if that’s a stretch, just do one video. Then make sure it happens without fail, every single week.

It's really quite simple. Create a marketing strategy you can execute consistently, and then execute consistently.

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