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When does customer experience start?

Once in awhile when I'm shopping for a new product or service, I'll come across an offer that feels right. - The website is easy to use, and has the right info - The product is priced well, and has all the features that are important to me - It's easy to purchase, and delivered promptly

So where in this process did customer experience begin? Answer: From the first contact with that company, i.e. in their marketing assets. In my opinion, the best marketing is not sleazy, grab-leads-at-all-cost marketing. No, great marketing has the feeling of "fit" right from the get go. The way you market will determine the types of clients you attract, and their expectations after the sale. If you promise a great experience after the sale, but deliver a lousy experience up front, those promises will likely ring hollow. This doesn't always mean you give customers everything they want up front. You do, however, look at all parts of your marketing through the lens of customer experience--because that's what it is!

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